About Me


My name is Maranda. I am 23 years old. I have tried this whole blog thing a time or two before this one, but recently I have mustered up the courage to truly chase after my dreams. Writing has always been something I have loved to do; learning to form my perfect thought on paper, just by the art of stringing some words together has always fascinated me. And the idea of having a place to write and share (& hopefully inspire) really excites me.

I have recently just made a pretty drastic life change in order to fulfill this dream. Call me crazy, but I have deferred going to university for a semester in order to really focus on this blog. I have decided to write about a whole slue of things…all centering around things that make me happy. This is a central place for all things, well, me.

I guess you might like to know some of the basics about me… I am in the middle of getting my bachelors degree in communications. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio but moved to Northern California after I graduated high school. I have lived there ever since. I am an extremely passionate person; I cannot do anything halfheartedly. I have fought the monster of self-hate my entire life (more on this to come!) and I am passionate about encouraging others to fight it too. I have a fire in my bones for feminism, as well as the body positive movement. I have an affection for art, poetry, journaling, and bettering my mental health.

I am really humbled that you would choose to spend your time reading my rambles, so thank you. I truly do hope you enjoy!




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