Hey there! I am a woman from the midwest, living on the west coast. I am chasing dreams & bringing broken hearts to life. I am a coffee addict, self-love advocate, and a full time believer in people.

Thank U, Next.

Thank you to my family for never giving up on me. Thank you for my California friends for loving me beyond convenience. Thank you, home, for the countless hours on the phone. Thank you, California, for shinning your sun upon my darkest nights. 2018 taught me love,2018 taught my patience,& how to handle pain.It turned […]


Summer Learnin’

This was my first week at Humboldt State University, meaning that summer is over. I thought that for this weeks post, I would share some of my lessons (or reminders) that Summer 2018 has taught me. Magic does still happen. This summer I bought tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in Columbus Ohio. While there, […]