One of my passions in life is to learn more about taking truly care of my body, my home, and my world. I am on a journey to learn about reusing, recycling, and minimizing trash. I am becoming aware of what products/chemicals I am exposing myself to. I am opening my eyes to see what I have been willing to put in + on my body.

And now it is time to ditch + switch.

As of January 2019, I have decided to actually jump off the cliff into rearranging my life in order to simplify. I want less trash + more reuse. I want less chemicals in my products and more plant-based. I want to be intentional about everything I am putting into my body and the products I use on it.

Which led me to Young Living + essential oils.

Essential oils are all part of this life transformation. They are a way for me to take control of my products (skin care, cleaning, fragrances, etc.) and for me to nurture my body more.

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